Aug 09, 2020 04:00 PM - Aug 15, 2020 11:00 PM

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Youths everywhere in the world make up the backbone of every nation; particularly in the developed countries.  For a country or a Nation to attain growth and ultimately self-actualization, youths need to be active players for such aspirations to be achieved.
An investment in the youth is an investment for the future, the future belongs to them, and they are veritable agents of change. Concentrating on development, a vast majority of African Countries are still underdeveloped, and this is connected to the back-benched role played by the African youths both in diaspora and home countries. 
Canada is a haven for immigrants especially Black- immigrants, and it is in this accord that the African Diaspora Youth (ADY) is established to advocate for young Africans to become leaders, CEOs, and  accomplished sportsmen and women. 
A world where Africa can be self-sufficient and active players in global business, one being dictated by young, vibrant individuals, who not only impact countries back home but immensely contribute to their host countries.
To provide a platform that will support and nurture young Africans with the skills needed to succeed in the modern and developed world as well as ready to occupy positions of influence. The success of the African-Canadian community impacts Canada's overall success also.
Join us on this path to greatness!