Karukera One Love Beach Festival - Machel - KES- Stage in the Sea

Feb 21, 2020 01:00 PM - Feb 21, 2020 09:00 PM

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Refund Policy : No refunds at any time


Karukera One Love, with Caesar's Army, present the KOL Beach Festival on Maracas Beach on Feb 21st from 1pm till 9pm. All -Inclusive fete with artists from all over the Caribbean on a stage built in the water!! Come experience this unique setting on Carnival Friday. Shuttles are available from Port of Spain, Maraval, Santa Cruz, San Juan...and you can come by boat as well.

Tickest and infos on www.KarukeraOneLove.com



After sold out venues in Europe and French West Indies, Karukera One Love is coming to Trinidad with Caesar's Army. This is an experience you can't miss. party on the beach, the sand or the water! The stage is built in the actual ocean (see photos below). Machel Montano, Kes, Afro B, Skinny Fabulous, Motto, Marzville and many more. Come mash it up with your favorite Djs and build memories with your crew.