Trinidad & Tobago 2020 Carnival Package

Feb 25, 2020 10:00 PM - Feb 26, 2020 03:00 AM

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Trinidad & Tobago 2020 Carnival Package

We offer the following:
    1. Airport pick-up and drop-off - from Piarco Airport (POS)
    2. Hotel accommodations for 7 nights - double occupancy at Cattleya Hotel
    3. (3) All inclusive fetes - UBER Parties - Food and drinks included (It's too soon to list fetes however, all of our fetes are all inclusive and upper echelon)
    4. Costume Pick up & Delivery - Costume cost is included in pricing (for back-line only, any additions or front line is extra)
    5. Transportation to all TNTPWR events
    6. Day Trip to Tobago - including round trip airfare to Tobago
    7. Jouvert (All Inclusive) - Dirty Mas with - paint, mud, powder or oil
    8. TNTPWR local Lime - We usually have a little get together with family and friends (local vibes)
    9. And many extras (lagniappe)
    10. We are also there as your guides, so you're not trying to figure things out on your own
    11. Monthly we send out - do's and don'ts for carnival, updated music playlist, packing list and workout plans
    Cost is $2,995.00 per person
    Deposit is a min. of $850.00 until July 15th then deposit will go up to $950.00 each month deposit will increase by $150.00 to 200.00 depending on how late in the year.
    Package needs to be paid in full by Jan 15th. 2020.
    Deposit is Non-Refundable but it is a life time deposit (Meaning if for some reason you can't travel with us you can use it on one of our other packages)
    What's Not Included:
    Airfare to and from Trinidad - (POS)
    No Bad Vibes
    No Whining / Complaining
    Last bit of advice sleep on the plane and "Embrace the Chaos"
    Best Regards
    Eric & Michelle
    TNTPWR "Embrace the Chaos"
    phone: 702-608-5427