Workshop “Lab-grown diamonds: artificial or not?”

Workshop “Lab-grown diamonds: artificial or not?” Aug 15, 2022 01:00 PM - Aug 15, 2022 02:30 PM

Timezone (GMT -5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada), New York, Bogota, Lima

Workshop “Lab-grown diamonds: artificial or not?” By Madestones
Workshop “Lab-grown diamonds: artificial or not?” Virtual event

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Workshop “Lab-grown diamonds: artificial or not?”

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Workshop “Lab-grown diamonds: artificial or not?” Description

Although the discussions about the nature of lab-created diamonds are becoming less and less hot, many skeptics are still challenging this product as a true diamond.

As a rule, for this kind of people just telling something is not enough, even if the speaker operates with numerous convincing facts and arguments. So, there is no other way to convince the customers with solid rational thinking in the authenticity of the product except by allowing them to see the facts with their own eyes. – an experienced artificial diamond trader – provides such an opportunity. 
Let’s become a gemologist for a couple of hours.

We are ready to provide:

  • Our best professionals. They will tell the participants of the workshop the evolution stories of natural and artificial diamonds from the point of science but in a very understandable manner. You will see the points of differences and points of common.
  • Our best equipment. It can help you to practice gained knowledge and see the confirmation for the theory presented with your own eyes.
  • Our best artificial diamonds. Different diamonds – different experiences – more examples to compare – convincing facts. We believe that this algorithm is one the most effective in the investigation process. So, we are ready to provide you with an incredible diversity for inspection.
  • Invited certification experts. These professionals are those who have the final words in witnessing the quality of one or another product. You will have an opportunity to discuss your observing experience with them from the point of so-called “official acceptance of artificial diamonds on the market”. 

We believe that we will manage to dispel your skeptical doubts concerning artificial diamonds. 

Yet, there is always a chance that it is you who can see something unseen before and cause the next stage of the jewelry revolution.

Let’s test your skeptical position together!