Our dream began as a concept to cater to the event industry with highly-technical and advanced resources. TicketGateway is multi-faceted event management platform, where any individual using the latest features and base materials can sell tickets and post contents related to his/her upcoming event on the same platform. 


When you explore the core features and elements implemented in TicketGateway, you will find that it is not merely a simple event sharing platform. You will be amazed to see that our website composes of essential elements which are vital to any event publishing platform. We have also considered many event aspects such as event type, audience, and current industry trend to ensure optimal promotion and management of events.








The layout of the website is simple and user-friendly.  It is divided into 2 sections: the front end and the admin panel for easy access.




Front End




The front end is sub-divided into two categories. One half of the front end represents the event host/organizer and other half belongs to the ticket purchaser. However, the log-in entry is the same for both users.




Event organizers




Event organizers are subjected to a registration process which requires the entry of necessary information. This information will then be authenticated by administration.




Promoting your event




Event organizers are better able to promote and represent their events with the complimentary use of our built-in features such as images, audio sounds and videos add-ons. Additionally, event organizers can reach out to global audiences by utilizing our TicketGateway social media which includes: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Event organizers are also invited to explore our demo version to view the accessibility and availability of these features.




Ticket Buyers




TicketGateway provides a simple and secure way for anyone to buy tickets.  Potential ticket buyers are offered great flexibility to search for any event listed on our website. Buyers can shortlist their interested events and even share them with family and friends. 




Admin Panel




The Admin Panel is designed for the client who owns the site and allows complete access to everything. Site owners can easily access any sort of information and in any form such as administrative and event information. Please see our demo version for further information.








Our website is highly secured with the integration and use of top level technologies. The satisfaction of event organizers and ticket buyers are our top priority.  Event organizers are assured the security and validity of their events since they are the sole editors of their posts. Our website also utilizes a tested filtration system that restricts spam and removes them from the main system. Ticket buyers are guaranteed a secured process to register for events and purchase their tickets.




Company Information




TicketGateway is one of the larger ticketing e-commerce sites on the internet and a world leader in the online event industry. We operate in the global market and provide online ticketing, ticket sales and re-sale services, and marketing and promoting of events through www.ticketgateway.com. We currently serve more than 820,000 clients worldwide across multiple event categories and provide exclusive ticketing services for hundreds of leading arenas, stadiums, performing arts venues, museums and theatres.




Our Mission




For Clients


To provide the best systems, services and tools for optimal sales of tickets to the widest possible audience.





For Consumers


To provide secure, convenient, and fair access to the best possible tickets offered by our clients.




Our Commitment


We have incredible resources with which we have built a complete ticketing infrastructure to service all our clients’ needs.

These include:



• 24-hour Online Ticket Sales

• North American Contact Centre (Inbound & Outbound)

• Secure Hologram and Embossed Thermal Ticket Production

• Worldwide Ticket and Leaflet Distribution

• Complete Venue Management Solution

• Extensive Marketing Support via our Database Exploitation and Affiliate Exposure

• Gate Entry Solution with State of the Art scanning system. We also provide a free mobile phone scanning app.

• Robust, Secure Systems with Vast, Expandable Capacity

• PCI: DSS Compliance


Please take the time to explore our various services and solutions. We are incredibly flexible and will do our best to help regardless of event size or venue.