add attendees

1.1 how to add an attendee

Want to give someone complimentary tickets? Know someone who paid for their tickets offline? You can add attendees manually to make sure they are included in all of your reporting and event communication by completing a separate registration on their behalf. No fees are charged on manually added orders, and you can even send an order confirmation email after adding them in. From your event's “Manage” page, go to “Manage Attendees” and select “Add Attendees” to get started.

TIP : Be careful not to oversell your event or breach your event capacity when using this feature. As the event organizer, manually adding attendees is a back-end process and can result in having more attendees registered than the quantities you entered for your ticket types and overall event capacity.
PRO TIP : Manually adding yourself as an attendee is a great way to see what your event’s registration flow will look like for attendees! Once you've added yourself, you can easily delete or refund your order to remove yourself from the attendee list.
NOTE :You can't edit already-completed orders to include additional attendees—no matter how you collected information. Follow the instructions below to add attendees by processing a separate, manual registration using “Add Attendees” on the “Manage” page for your event.

2.1 steps to add an attendee

a) go to your event manage page

After logging in and creating an event, find your event on the “Manage Events” page, and then select “Manage.” You will find the “Attendees” option on right side of dashboard.

TIP: You can also add attendees to an event that has been completed on TicketGateway! While the registration is manual and cannot be processed to a card for payment, using Add Attendees is a neat way to ensure the attendee is reflected in your events reporting and can be invited to attend your future events (when using the option to add "Past attendees").
b) go to "add attendees" on the event dashboard

From the options menu, scroll to the bottom until you see the “Attendees” section. You can view event ticket section. Here you can purchase tickets for your attendees.

c) enter the quantity of tickets

On the "Add attendees" page, click or tap inside the field under "Quantity" to enter the number of tickets for the attendee(s). The "Amount Paid" and "Total Paid" will automatically update with the ticket price multiplied by quantity, but these fields can also be edited if special adjustments need to be made.

EXAMPLE: Your friend already paid for 2 tickets, so they enter 2 into the "Quantity" field. Your friend gave someone a 50% discount, so they also adjust the "Amount Paid".
PRO TIP: If you are manually adding attendees to an event that is using TicketGateway's Reserved Seating feature, attendees will automatically be placed in the best seat available. However, there is a workaround that allows you place specific seats on hold.
NOTE: We unfortunately do not support a bulk-upload feature to manually add multiple attendees at once. A quick way to add multiple attendees at once is to enter a large number of tickets under "Quantity" and list yourself as the ticket buyer.

If you do not want to fill out registration information for each person, make the registration information not required before you customize your order form.

d) choose a payment type

The "Payment Type" will be set to "Paid with Cheque" by default, but you can use the drop-down menu to select a different option..

TIP: "Complimentary" or "No payment necessary" are great selections if you are adding attendees who do not need to pay for their order (ie. friends or family).
PRO TIP: Choose "Paid directly online with PayPal" if the attendee paid outside of TicketGateway with a PayPal bank transfer. Choose "Paid online non-PayPal" if the attendee paid outside of TicketGateway with another type of bank transfer (like through your personal bank).
e) enter a note about that order

Click or tap in the text field under "Notes" to enter any details you would like to associate with that particular order and proceed to buy tickets.

TIP: Only you can see all the notes you have entered on manually added orders from the Attendee Summary report. Under "Show columns," check the box next to "Notes".

3.1 add attendees in reserved

After logging in and creating an event, find your event on the “Manage Events” page, and then select “Manage.” You will find the “Attendees” option at right side of dashboard.

a) Go To "Add Attendees" On The Event Dashboard

From the options menu, scroll to the bottom until you see the Attendees section. You can view the reserve ticket section. Here you can buy tickets for your attendees.

  • Click on select from Full Map button to see map.
  • Promoter can buy tickets for attendees by selecting available seats.
  • And can buy tickets with available payment options.
  • Promoter can exchange customer seats with attendees seats.
  • Promoter can buy hold tickets. (If promoter intends to offer those tickets to their special guest or friends then he can buy tickets for them with available payment options).
  • Promoter can release hold seats. (If Promoter wants other users can buy those tickets then he can release and make available for customers).