Ticketgateway is synonyms of success for both the parties i.e. the client or admin and user or event organizer. Productive features, impressive layout and easy flow of the site make it highly suitable for every kind of user. Let’s discuss in detail how Half Event can bring success to your door?

Success for Admin or Client

Ticketgateway can be really beneficial for the client in terms of financial and social status. Client can purchase Ticketgateway and can invite the people from his/her community to post, promote and sell tickets of their upcoming event through the portal. On the other hand, event organizers will like to post their events on the portal as it is owned by one of their locality members. The client can charge admin fee for every ticket sold through the portal. Thus, this way client can earn profit and can become financially stable. On other hand social status will be improved as client is helping the locality or region to make their event successful.

Success for Event Organizer or Poster

Ticketgateway offers loads of features, which can help an event organizer to promote his event successfully and widely. The powerful promotion will result in quick sale of tickets, which is undoubtedly the main goal of the event organizer. Through Ticketgateway, it is simple and easy for an individual to explain the core elements of the upcoming event. Thus, client can easily come up with detailed description of its event and can start promotion within short time –frame. Ticketgateway saves money and time of the event organizer as no longer they need to spend both the things on event marketing and other stuff. Also, Half Event is secure, easy accessible and reliable. Hence, client needs not to think back once his event got posted over the portal.

Detail explanation of core functionality of Ticketgateway

Ticketgateway is less complicated and more effective event publishing platform. Hence, it is not at all difficult to understand the functionality of the portal.  The portal is divided into two parts when it comes to functional move of the portal. One of the functional areas is admin side, which is meant for the client and second one is user-side, which is meant for event organizer or poster.

Admin-Side Functionality Administrator of the site can perform following actions:

  • Can view the list of total events on the portal.
  • Can view the list of total accomplished and on-going events.
  • Can delete an event if he feels it is not up to the mark.
  • Can set separate admin-fee for each event.
  • Can view the profile of each and every event organizer available on the portal.
  • Can check the payment status of each event
  • Can view the complete details of events
  • Can have a look over the transactions, both pending and completed.
  • Can maintain and manipulate the account information
  • Can delete any profile if it is unsuitable as per his parameters

User-Side Functionality Event organizer can perform following actions through Ticketgateway:

  • Can change his log-in ID and password, whenever he wants.
  • Can create, manipulate and update his profile
  • Can describe the events with the help of available features
  • Can change the event info
  • Can add or subtract the number of tickets to be sold through the portal
  • Can have a view over the other available events but, do not hold the right to manipulate it.
  • Can view the profile of other event organizers available on the portal but, cannot change the same.
  • Can have a look over the status of the events, which include- total sold tickets, total pending tickets, deadline and total money generated through the sale of tickets.
  • Can see the transactions occurred between him and admin as well as the pending ones.
  • Can ask for the payment to admin through the portal.