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How to create contact list ?

You can create contact lists in Ticketgateway like Email id, Phone number, Name etc. it's a very simple to send event invitations across all of your events also you can use it as online contact storage.. You can import up to 2,000 contacts at a time, and send up to 2,000 email invitations a day. To create a new contact list, click on my contact, then select "create new contact list." You can contacts from .CSV files.

Create new contact list :

contact list

Give name to the list and upload your contact file in .CSV format which include email, phone number, name and any other info if required and save it.

After uploading contact list you can use following actions in quick view edit, copy and delet all contact in the list.


View contact can give you full details of all field which have added in .csv file


You can now export, delete, copy and also send invitation to all the contact person about your event updates.