How to use PayPal for payment processing and payout?

Ticketgateway Payment Processing is the default way to take payments on Ticketgateway, but you can link your PayPal account to your event to process payments. After setting up a account with PayPal, head over to your event's Manage page (on Ticketgateway) and select Payment Options. Just choose "PayPal" as your payment processor, then enter your PayPal account email address to accept payments with PayPal.

TIP : With PayPal as payment processor, you can’t use a number of Ticketgateway’s features such as you won’t be able to pass all the fees to the attendees, and you will not be able to use Ticketgateway’s ZERO chargeback policy.
PRO TIP : If you're located outside of the U.S., take a look at PayPal's Worldwide Country Selector and choose your location to see specific fee information related to your country and currency.
NOTE : When you use PayPal to collect payments, PayPal automatically deducts their payment processing fee ($CAD) before depositing the funds into your PayPal account. Ticketgateway service fee will also be deducted before the funds gets into your PayPal account..

1.Start creating a new event in Ticketgateway.

After signing up or logging in, select "Create Event" at the top of the page. This brings you to the first part of creating your event, called Edit.

2. Go to Set Payment Options

NOTE : If your event schedule has multiple dates/times, the payment processor you choose will be the same for each individual event in your schedule.

3. Set PayPal as the payment processor

The payment processor will be set to Ticketgateway Payment Processing the first time you create an event, but you can use the drop-down menu to select "PayPal."

NOTE :If your event has sold tickets, you can't switch from Ticketgateway Payment Processing to a different payment processor or from PayPal to Ticketgateway Payment Processing until you refund all completed orders.

4. Enter your PayPal email address

Click or tap in the field under "PayPal Premier or Business account email" to type in the email address tied to your Premier or Business PayPal account. Make sure to enter this email correctly—this is how you'll receive the money for your ticket sales!

5. Save your changes

Choose "Save" to change your payment processor to PayPal. When attendees register on your event listing, they'll be taken to PayPal to complete their purchase, and payments (excluding PayPal and Ticketgateway fees) will go directly into your PayPal account.

PRO TIP: The purchase flow for attendees will look similar on the mobile web.