Public Affiliate Marketing Program

These Public Affiliate Marketing Program Terms apply to the TicketGateway Public Affiliate Marketing Program. Participation in the Public Affiliate Marketing Program is subject to the TicketGateway Terms of Service available here (the "Terms of Service") and the additional Public Affiliate Marketing Program Terms. Capitalized terms used in these terms and not defined will have the meanings given to them in the Terms of Service. The Public Affiliate Marketing Program makes it possible for organizers to offer third parties ("Buyer referrers") a bonus in exchange for referring buyers to their event(s) (the "Affiliate Program"). TicketGateway will make a good faith effort to provide information and instructions as necessary to participate in the Affiliate Program as an organizer or buyer referrer. Participation in the Affiliate Program is also subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • The Affiliate Program is a promotional tool only. TicketGateway is neither party to any agreements (actual or implied) entered into by organizers and buyer referrers, nor is it an agent, employee, partner or other representative of organizers or buyer referrers. TicketGateway has no responsibility for any failure or alleged failure of performance of any organizer or buyer referrer to each other or to any third party. All offers made through the Affiliate Program are made by an organizer and not by TicketGateway.
  • TicketGateway does not screen or investigate in any way the users of the Affiliate Program to determine their ability or willingness to perform the obligations that may be undertaken pursuant to the Affiliate Program. Organizers and buyer referrers need to resolve all questions and issues between themselves. TicketGateway makes no representations or warranties and gives no assurances that any organizer or any buyer referrer will perform under the Affiliate Program, including without limitation organizers paying any money owed to buyer referrers.
  • TicketGateway will not settle, mediate or otherwise assume responsibility for resolving disputes between organizers and buyer referrers.