Real Time Reporting

All Event Status

TicketGateway offers lots of ways to see data about your event visually. With charts, you can quickly reference data for sales by top selling events and all event ticket sales. Go to your event's “Manage” page and click “Charts” to get started!

To check each events in details follow the steps below:

1. Go to your "My Store" and select “Manage”

2. Then select “Graphical View” under the event dashboard menu on right side

Here you can see your ticket sales status in pie chart, histogram and line chart view.

Pie Chart

Histogram View

Line Chart View

Download Event Reports

In the TicketGateway reporting system, you can view a summary of tickets. You can also download itemized sales, purchase and payout reports in an excel, .CSV, or text file format. From your event manage page you view all of this data.

Download Sales Report

  • On TicketGateway, you can download itemized sales, purchase and payout reports in an excel or CSV format.
  • Select “My Store” and select the event for which you wish to download the reports.
  • Select “Manage” - here you can download sales reports in an excel or .CSV file format with the selected date range.

Download purchase report

TicketGateway provides you the details of purchase order details in a .CSV file format which includes the order id, username, address, ticket name etc. to help you to monitor all order data.

Download payout report

If you are using TicketGateway Payment Processing, you can view a summary of current and past payouts. Itemized sales are included in that payout in a .PDF format.

Payout report preview