Understanding TicketGateway Cookie and Privacy policy.

Is it safe to buy online on TicketGateway ?

As long as the site is secured by a reputable company that verifies that the information traveling over the Internet is protected, it is probably safer to buy online than over the phone. Look for the GeoTrust symbol whenever you shop online, and double check that the site starts with “https” once you are at a page where you are entering payment information. The "s" indicates a secure site, where information is broken up into tiny packets protected by a secure code (encrypted). This code is not put back together again until it reaches the destination securely.

How safe is it to have my tickets mailed to me ?

Tickets are mailed First Class, USPS, in plain white envelopes to the address you enter when purchasing. The mail is metered for best deliverability. Canada Post Office does not take responsibility for lost or damaged first class mail. They state about First Class Mail delivery:

  • Estimated delivery time is one to three days.
  • Estimated delivery time begins on the date postmarked.
  • Not a guaranteed service (no refunds). Delivery by a specific date at a specific time is not available.
  • Mailing standards are based on distance.
  • Most tickets are delivered by the Post Office with no problems. You can assist the delivery by carefully entering and reviewing the address information when you purchase tickets. Additional shipping options may be available for some events, including priority mail or UPS shipping, both of which may be tracked and are guaranteed.

Is it safe to store my credit card information at this site ?

Yes. Because the site is secure and the data is stored securely, your information is protected. The last 4 digits of your credit card are all that appear on screen for our Call Center representatives if you have elected to keep your credit card information. More…

Is TicketGateway "secure" site ?

Yes. TicketGateway is secured by GeoTrust. You will see the symbol on the ticketing start page ( and on the payment pages. You may click on this symbol to verify the status of our certificate with VeriSign at any time. VeriSign is the leader in Internet security and scrutiny is very tight.

TicketGateway also offers Authorized TicketGateway locations, which will carry all tickets listed on our site.

  • TicketGateway complies with PCI-DSS 3.1 Level 1 as both a Merchant and a Service Provider.
  • TicketGateway tested daily using Comodo's HackerProof Vulnerability Scanning Service. The service performs an extensive range of tests for major known vulnerabilities on the website. This trusted site seal is only presented after this website has passed the Comodo vulnerability test.
  • TicketGateway is COMODO Secure also uses SSL for secure transactions.
  • Tokenization protects card data when it’s in use and at rest. It converts or replaces cardholder data with a unique token ID to be used for subsequent transactions. More…

What do you do with my personal information you collect ?

We collect only what we need to process your order and contact you in the event of any event changes or cancellations. Your name, address, email address, and a daytime phone are required for these purposes. We protect your personal information carefully and never sell your information to any other companies. The promoter of the event you purchase tickets for is given your information in order to contact you about other events they do – however, no payment information is ever provided to the promoter.