Orchid Nightclub

  • 82 Peter Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • 416-906-2117
  • Website

Venue Details

Since the 70’s and the arrival of Disco music, nightlife has undergone many changes, from the legend of Studio 54 to the basement clubs in the UK, from Vegas to Ibiza, from Hip Hop to EDM, the movement is forever changing and evolving.

As the biggest city in Canada and a melting pot of cultures, music and art, Toronto is the optimal location for what is to be the next wave in nightlife. Orchid is the culmination of where the industry needs to be going; unreal cocktails, cool vibes, friendly & professional staff, amazing service, refined tastes, sumptuous décor, incredible entertainment, affordable prices and most importantly, zero smugness and attitude. A venue that has something for everyone.

For our love of music, art, libations and entertainment, we are proud to bring you Orchid.

Venue Type
Night Club
Mature, Young Professionals, Students, Urban
Friday - Sunday, 10pm-3am & Special Events
Toronto, Entertainment District, King West
Minimum Age
Dress Code
Stylish (no Baggy Jeans, Athletic Shoes, Timberlands And Sportswear)
Top 40, Edm, Deep House, R&b
3 Rooms, 3 Dj's, All Genres Of Music

Orchid Nightclub Events

  • 82 Peter Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • 416-906-2117
  • Website