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Monday, May 18 07:25 AM

The present crisis of Covid 19 Pandemic has confined us to our homes and offices and ripped us of the lovely times we had in gatherings, parties and events. The fruitful and insightful exchange of information and skills has also taken a back seat. The world has begun to wonder whether they will experience the pleasure of attending content rich events ever again. Even as we dwell on these questions, we know that thankfully we are “technology-ready” to tackle this situation. We already have the resources, all we need is to acknowledge their importance a little more and be willing to harness the power of technology to the fullest to keep our world going uninterrupted.

With virtual events, we, at Ticketgateway, are helping organizers to bridge the gap between them and attendees. For both the organizers and attendees, events are becoming much more convenient to attend and there are minimum barriers in interactions. Our virtual ticket booking platform leverages technology to the fullest to provide a seamless and secure usage of virtual meeting platforms.

Organizers can create virtual events of various kinds from training to discussions and seminars.. the range is endless.

Still wondering why you should create virtual events? Take a look at these advantages-

1. Virtual events are here to stay

The biggest advantage about technology is it’s benefits are stable and long lasting. Even when the global situation goes back to normal and people start preferring physical events, you can still have virtual workshops going on to attract more visitors to your physical events. The time and efforts you take to learn to set up and conduct virtual events has ever lasting benefits for you.

2. Much lower space and staff cost

Physical events are loaded with fun and one can interact closely with others. True! But think about the various costs involved in managing and maintaining staff to incurring the space cost. All these are avoided in virtual events.

3. Saves time

There is no comparison between the amount of time saved in the physical and virtual events. For both the organizers and the attendees, there is minimum time required to book and attend the events while during a physical event, travelling and setting up results in a good deal of time wastage.

4. Pick convenient time slots

You don’t have to jostle with other organizers for a convenient day and time. In fact, you can conduct an online poll for your attendees to vote for a convenient time and then zero in on a popular time. It’s easy to get people attend the workshop at an agreed time slot.

5. Global Attendees

Reach global attendees through the web platform and become available for participants worldwide. In an in-person event, your audience will consist of only those who can travel up to the venue. Whereas, in a virtual event, there is no place constraint for people and anybody in need to attend will be reachable.

6. Get instant feedback

How many times, during a physical event, one gets instant and honest feedback? Not often, right? But in a virtual event you can always take it without insisting for the same. Attendees can easily fill up the feedback form and offer suggestions regarding the event.

7. Single manager

The last time, you had an in-person event, you surely must have hired a team of volunteers and event managers. But for your next virtual workshop, you can handle everything single handedly. All you need is a laptop and internet connection. A single person can handle the process end to end.

8. Unlimited seats

Yes, you heard it right. There’s no limit for the number of attendees in a virtual event. You can accommodate unlimited attendees in your events. Do you get the same advantage in a physical event?

9. Global marketing tactics

Reach your audience with multiple marketing techniques including social media and many digital platforms. You can apply multiple integrations to get the best results.

10. Get analytics and reports

Get reliable and insightful analytics and reports for your events. Get the email ids for further promotional activities.

Ticketgateway makes it easier for you to earn online and expand your channels of income. Conduct workshops, guidance sessions and explore the unlimited potential of the online medium.

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