Reasons TicketGateway Is The Best Eventbrite's Alternative

Wednesday, Jan 05 07:18 AM

What makes us different from EventBrite is our strategy and customization. Let's talk about it more. 


Eventbrite even after having a decent user interface, they need to work on customer experience. While publishing the events on their website you don't have the option to customize the event page and make it look like your event page. 

Whereas if you're on TicketGateway, with easy user interaction, you have the option to add a few things of your choice, as you can choose from the presets of background or you add an image of your choice. In addition to it, there is an option to decide the event page a URL which you could remember easily and your event page will look and sound like your Own.


Eventbrite helps you promote your event in their paid feature. Whereas you get featured on TicketGateway's website for free not only this, if you want to promote your event on our social media page that also we do for free.

We always believe in going the extra mile to give success to your event which it deserves. 


You could never contact Eventbrite directly. On the other side, we are always available, you could easily reach us via our chat system on the website. Once in a blue moon, if you could not connect us, you still have the option to create a ticket and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Payment System

At Eventbrite, anybody could create a show and sell tickets in your event's name. 

Here at TicketGateway, we keep certain checkpoints, like customized URLs which keep your page safe. Along with this, we have a 3D secure payment system which means there would be lesser to no chargebacks at all. 

Service Features

Like none other platform TicketGateway helps you sell not only Tickets along with it you could display and sell carnival costumes. 

Talking about more services and features, Ticketgateway is not only a platform to sell your event or event services, we also offer you other services like printing banners, flyers, or any other printing material you could ask for.  

The success of your event is our prime objective, to fulfill it we also offer you a lot more services like scanning staff at door or staffing for your event.

Managing Footfall

You could issue a ticket to everyone who's going to be at the event, whether your staff or any other attendee in any role. At TickeGateway, you have options to issue complimentary or staff tickets or any other ticket you think you need.


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