Planning An Event For Caribana? Maximize Your Reach By Selling Tickets Online

Wednesday, Apr 20 03:58 AM

After two seasons lost to the COVID-19 pandemic, preparation for the 2022 Toronto Caribbean Carnival (known best as Caribana) is in full swing. Each year, North America’s largest Caribbean Carnival attracts over one million people from all over the world, including the United States, South America, Europe and of course the Caribbean.

While the main Caribana event is the parade (the Saturday of the Civic Holiday weekend, or July 30 this year), hundreds of pump-up events take place in the months leading up to it. These include day fetes, pool parties, and club nights, and attendees plan their Caribana schedules many weeks in advance.

In an increasingly digital world, TicketGateway is your #1 choice for promoting your Caribana events online. With an ability to reach hundreds of thousands of customers across borders and oceans, our recognized website and brand can help you to make sure that your 2022 Caribana event is the best and most popular one yet. Here are three reasons why you should consider online event promotion on :

1. Seamless integration with your promotion on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

In 2022, you can’t host a sold-out party without a related Facebook event, or Instagram ad promotion. By including a digital link to immediate ticket sales on social media, you’ll be able to capture your attendees’ attention and immediately convert it into ticket sales. As well, once attendees share their plans online on their own social media, friends will be encouraged to join them, in turn growing your event base with no extra effort.

2. Ability to reach international customers.

Not every attendee can make it out to their local roti shop. Hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over visit Toronto every year just to attend Caribana, and related Caribbean events. Online promotion is your chance to reach them, and allow them a safe, secure, and easy way to plan out their time in Toronto by accessing the hottest events in just a few clicks.

3. Fraud protection and contact tracing.

When we sell your tickets online, your money becomes our responsibility. Our state-of-the-art fraud protection allows us to keep your events safe from online scammers and scalpers, while collecting funds from customers we can verify are actually real people. Let us take the stress out of the financial logistics, so that you can focus on planning your event. As well, in times of COVID-19-related uncertainty, you’ll be comforted to know that TicketGateway can maintain a database of the names and contact information of all those who purchased tickets and are attending your event.

Check out our blog post here on how to get your event online, or reach out to our customer service team here.  And there’s no need to take our word for it - see what our customers have to say about us below.

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