Spotify Premium Free APK 2021 updated new features

Spotify Premium Free APK 2021 updated new features Apr 17, 2021 05:00 PM - Mar 16, 2030 12:00 AM

Spotify Premium Free APK 2021 updated new features By Techtodown

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Spotify Premium Free APK 2021 updated new features

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Spotify Premium Free APK 2021 updated new features Description

The Spotify is one of the most popular streaming service in the world and is estimated to have over 250 million active users per month. Some curiosities about the service can draw attention, such as the estimate that about a quarter of the more than 500 million songs available on the platform have not been played even once, for example. Or, that the app maintains an exclusive version of Spotify for children between three and 12 years old.


In the list below, Techtodown gathers five curiosities about the streaming platform. Below, check out how many Premium plan subscribers there are in the world, in how many countries the service is available, and which song was most played on Spotify in 2021.

1. What is the most played song on Spotify?

The first most played music position on the platform varies constantly. In March 2021, for example, the number one song on reproductions on Spotify was "Peaches" by Justin Bieber, Daniel Ceasar and Giveon, played over 42.4 million times.

The top 5 also includes titles such as "Drivers License" by Olivia Rodrigo, "Astronaut in The Ocean" by Masked Wolf, "Telepathy" by Kali Uchis and "Hold On", also by Justin Bieber. However, the most streamed song in Spotify's history is Ed Sheeran's "Shape of You", which has accumulated

In addition, it is also worth remembering that Spotify usually makes available the 50 most listened songs of the month in its own playlists. It is easy to find lists with the Top 50 in Brazil or with the most played on the platform in the world, for example. Around here, the song "Batom de Cereja", by the duo Israel & Rodolffo, recently reached the top of the charts. The song had its auditions boosted by Rodolffo's participation in BBB 21.

2. Initial versions of the app would have used pirated MP3 files

According to Swedish researcher Rasmus Fleischer, the beta version of Spotify would have used unlicensed MP3 files early in the development of the platform. Fleischer and five other researchers even published a book on Spotify in 2018 and, during an interview in a local newspaper, the researcher told a curious case involving the streaming app in 2008.

The researcher had a band at the time and, after recording an album with songs, chose to make them available on a popular torrent download site . Fleischer then says he was surprised when his band's album appeared on the streaming service. He also says he sent an email to Spotify asking for explanations and, according to him, the platform just responded that "during the testing period, we are using the songs we find".

3. Spotify has a version for children

Spotify Kids started to be released in October 2019 , and arrived in Brazil the following year , in March. The version for children between three and 12 years old is available for Android and iPhone ( iOS ) and bears the famous logo of the app, but in yellow and purple colors. The contents of Spotify Kids vary between soundtracks of cartoons and Disney films, and also brings songs and CDs aimed at children.

The kids version is available to users of the Spotify Premium Family plan , and also allows children to choose avatars with colorful characters to illustrate their profile.

4. 25% of Spotify tracks have never been played

The platform is believed to have more than 50 million songs available for streaming and more than 500,000 registered podcast titles. The number of active monthly users of Spotify in the world is around 250 million, while the number of subscribers is close to 115 million. In addition, it is estimated that more than 3 billion playlists have already been created on Spotify by the beginning of 2020. Despite this, there is an estimate that about 25% of Spotify's songs have never even been heard.


5. Spotify is not available worldwide


Contrary to popular belief, Spotify is not available worldwide and, despite being an app with an international reach, the streaming service is supported "only" in 178 countries. In addition, in 2019, just over 40% of total subscribers and over 35% of active users of the platform originated in Europe.