What to expect from a professional service

Nov 14, 2018 06:30 AM - Jul 23, 2042 11:30 AM

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What makes a great t-shirt printing service - 
We discuss what makes a great t-shirt printing service and some of the things to expect when dealing with a t-shirt printing service provider. We've dealt with many t-shirt printing companies and we know what to expect from a good service, which is why we've decided to share what makes a great company to deal with, without the headaches. 

Experience - It is needless to say how important it is to expect expert experience from your t-shirt printing service. If you're dealing with a printing service that doesn't understand what method of printing to use to bring your ideas to life, they shouldn't be getting your business. If you're the one telling them what to do, then they don't possess the experience to do their job, as the customer is telling them how to do it. Rather than being the one worried about the whole process from start to finish, just leave it to the experts, which is why picking an experienced t-shirt printing service provider is important and its what will make or break your printing plans 

Customer Service - We don't care what their preferred communication method is (email, phone, live chat or face to face) as long as they are there to answer our questions, in a time effective and helpful manner, we call that good customer service. But if you write email after email explaining your problem without any progress, then they can find another customer to support their business, because we wont. Its no excuse to leave your customers hanging and provide no help when most needed. 

User Friendly - Their printing experience must be user friendly from start to finish. You cant be expected to be present at their store every time you need or they need something. A decent t-shirt printing service needs to have an online system, like a design studio, that allows customers to design their t-shirt designs remotely and leave the rest to the printing business to take care of. It is what they're getting paid for after all. There is no need to spend your time calling, and discussing design methods. Simply use their online t-shirt design studio to get all the measurements right then send your design to them, they'll cover the rest!

This is just some of the most basic topics we cover. We will also be discussing how to organise events and businesses by relying on t-shirt printing services to create uniforms and dress codes to make a successful event happen.