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TicketGateway offers a secure website where you may get event information and purchase tickets. Besides online shopping, you may purchase tickets and get event information at the TicketGateway Call Center, at 416-907-8006 or 1-877-616-0101.

Please find your most common tickets queries solution below :

2.1 How do i Transfer Tickets?

Transfer tickets from person to person is a facility provided by ticketgateway. you can transfer your event ticket to someone else just by updating your information with the new attendee's information.

Steps to transfer your Ticket

1. Go to My Ticket.

When you Click on the transfer button a small pop up will appear, simply enter an Email of a person who will receive a Ticket and send ticket, The person will recieved an confirmation email also ticket will be add to their TG account under My Ticket.

Note : Once ticket is transferred you won't have access to that ticket.

Note : Transfer feature will not be available 48 hours prior to event start time.

3.1 Change names On My Tickets?

Steps to change name on tickets :

Click on View Order.

You will see a pencil icon on the order detail page under Name. Once you click on the icon the small pop up will appear.

Select the highlighted option to change name on your tickets, Enter first and last name and submit.

Note : You need to re-print the ticket to see an updated name on it.

4.1 Request a refund for My Tickets

You can request a refund if a show is cancelled or rescheduled, Ticketgateway organizers set their own refund policies. Before requesting a refund, first check the event listing to see if the event organizer set a refund policy. To request a refund, go to Tickets in your Ticketgateway account, find your order, then select "Request a Refund." Your organizer should respond within 1 week (2 business days if you paid using PayPal) and when issued, refunds can take up to 5 business days to show on your account within 10-15 Business days.

Steps to request a request a refund

1. Go to My Tickets
2. Click on View Order.

Once you click on request refund the small pop up will appear.

3. Fill out the contact form and select “Continue.”

Your email address, and contact reason will already be filled in for you. Use the drop-down menu under “Refund Reason” to choose a reason for your refund, then write a short message explaining your request. Click the request refund button once every field is filled out.

TIP: We recommend including your phone number in the message to make it easier for the organizer to process your request.

NOTE: Once submitted, a refund request cannot be cancelled or reversed. Please contact us immediately to cancel your refund request

Organizers should respond to your request within 1 week, and you’ll automatically receive an email from Ticketgateway once the refund has been sent. Read More