1.1 send tickets

On TicketGateway, you can send tickets from person to person. You can transfer your event ticket to someone else just by updating your information with the new attendee's information. View More

2.1 sell tickets online

To get started, first sign up for a free TicketGateway account or login to your existing TicketGateway account and create an event, which can take as little as three minutes! View More

3.1 referral services

TicketGateway's features and flexibility make it a great solution for all types of events - from small reunions to large conferences. Refer us to your friends, family and business colleagues! View More

4.1 invite guest

TicketGateway allows you to invite guests. In this section you can create a custom template and send multiple invitation emails to people. View More

5.1 widget

TicketGateway offers unique ways to sell tickets right from your personal website or blog by using one of our promotional widgets. It is a great way to drive ticket sales, from your event's “Manage” page, go to "Widgets" and select one of our promotional widgets to get started. View More

6.1 guest list & bottle service

Bottle service is the sale of liquor by the bottle, usually in lounges and nightclubs. The purchase of bottle service typically includes a reserved table for the patron's party and mixers of the patron's choice. View More

7.1 promotional codes

A promo code is a kind of coupon that entitles you for additional value/discounts/cash returns. Customers who have a promo code can get discounts by entering the code upon purchasing a ticket. TicketGateway provides promotional codes and access codes for customers, which are created by the promoter. View More

8.1 pos system

Using the Ticketgateway Point of sale (POS) feature you can easily sell tickets at the door of your event. During the check-in process. Easily collect attendee details even when they pay cash, to ensure accurate reporting of your overall sales totals and also so you can stay in touch after the event. This can allow you to upsell additional products. View More

9.1 add event add ons

Event add-ons can provide both extra revenue streams and extra opportunities for your attendees. For example if you wish to sell Event T-shirts or Wristbands on your event page, you can simply add extra add ons with your tickets along with price and quantity. View More