TicketGateway Fees Structure


TicketGateway payment structures are very easy to understand. We charge on service fees, which are based on the full price ticket for any given performance or event.

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Fastest payouts

Payouts (with fees automatically deducted) start processing 4-5 days after the end of an event, and the fastest way to get paid is to set up direct deposit payouts.

For enterprise events

Get access to additional services including a dedicated account manager and success team.

Why are fees added onto the price of the ticket ?


The base price of the ticket covers only the cost of admittance to the event. It does not cover the order processing or convenience fee, which includes:

  • Printing of tickets.
  • Ticket distribution (online, charge by phone, outlets).
  • Processing your ticket order.
  • Tracking and inventory control, assuring your ticket will be valid and not oversold.
  • Box Office services.
  • Will Call delivery.
  • Postage, envelopes, and other delivery costs.
  • Call Center personnel and customer service on your order.
  • A secure web site, credit card processing, merchant fees.
  • Ticket fees bring your ticket to you and cover these costs.

What is a convenience fee and how is it set ?


Convenience fees are normally added to any ticket not purchased at the Box Office or venue. It is considered a convenience fee because it allows you to purchase a ticket without driving or waiting in line, and in many cases, your tickets are delivered to your home. Convenience fees are most often set by the ticketing agency and the promoter or venue.

What is an order processing fee and how is it set ?


Order processing fees are set by the ticketing agency and cover the basic costs of making tickets available online and charged by phone. At TicketGateway, our order processing fee ranges from $2.50 - $7.00 per ticket depending on the cost of the ticket and is the lowest anywhere. Our competitors have order fees of $8.50 and up.

How do TicketGateway fees compare to other ticketing sites ?


Ours are simply among the lowest in the ticketing business. We work hard to keep them that way and low fees are often a drawing factor for promoters wishing to use our services. Our fees are between 10% - 15%, where our competitors are often at 20% or even up to 35%! Let your favorite venue or promoter know that low fees matter to you.

Are the charges the same whether I order by phone or online ?


Usually, yes. However, when it is after hours we may add a small service charge of a $5.00 processing fee.